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COHM's primary focus is providing our service users with complete support and control in professionally produced audio for all applications. The high speed efficiency we maintain along with fast turnaround time, we can complete your project within the most minimal time period...

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Natural Speech For Telecommunications: On Hold Messaging & IVR Recordings

With today's technological achievements in telecommunications, the new generation of "Natural Speech" replaces how technology communicates for both wire and wireless telephone automation. COHM products and services focuses on specialized telephone applications that require the true quality of natural speech. COHM's years of experience in digital voice recording services has created an unparalleled level of expertise that can merge your company's efficiency and technology, with the right audio image, making that first impression professional, powerful and memorable.

Natural Speech for Telecommunications


COHM's Voice Over Recording Service Include:
  • On Hold Marketing Productions
  • IVR Recordings
  • Web Audio Solutions
  • Audiobook Recordings
  • Learning Video/Instructional Video Recordings
  • Radio/Commercial Recordings